Religious Education

Santa Teresita is working hard in implementing the most productive and efficacious religious education program this year.  We have discerned diligently with patience and prayer and the Holy Spirit has led us to the best way of imparting the ancient teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  Learning the responsibilities and commitments of our Baptism and focusing our vision to what was rediscovered in the Second Vatican Council is key to the stewardship that is needed for the future of the Church.

The parents are going to play the most important role in the faith formation of their child.  Instruction on a very distinctive accountability process will be mentioned in the guidelines at registration.  Sponsor information will have to be complete at time of registration in order for registration to be complete.  Please review, download, or print Letter of Good Standing for Sponsor below.

Letter of good standing to be a Sponsor


What is   RCIA?